Free sample of Cream of Wheat – you even get to choose your flavor.  Note that this form requires you to give them your phone number. I always do this. Unfortunately, I often forget just what my phone number is, so I sometimes transpose a couple of numbers.  Oops.    USA only

Free Sample of Emergen-C – Very high in Vitamins C and all the B’s. The form for this one is fidgety. Pay attention to what they are asking for in each box. You fill out the “from”  form and then click the little box at the top of the “to” form and it will copy all your information so that it comes to you. You can also send it to someone else. This one specifically says it can be sent to the USA and Canada.

If you have a Family Christian Store near you, you can get a free Dayspring greeting card (value up to $2.50) until February 14. Print your coupon here.


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