Feeding a Family, Freebies!, Shopping

Tuesday Mail Call and Shopping

More feminine hygiene stuff today. I won’t have to buy that kind of thing for a long time!

My daughter and I went to Walgreens today. I got a bottle of Exedrin and one of those cool shavers for guys – the kind with 5 blades and a battery-operated trimmer on the other end. (Okay… I also got a very small box of clearance-priced Valentines candy).  I paid $6.67  and received $7 back in Register Rewards. And the shaver, Exedrin and candy, of course! Good shopping trip!

I did very well at Walmart, too. My subtotal for assorted groceries was $25, and the total after coupons was $13.41 – and that included non-coupon basics like eggs and bread.

We went to Aldi after that. Their prices on cheese are by far the best in town. It was $4.40 per pound at Walmart, and only $2.60 at Aldi.  Now that my sweet Jennie is growing us a grandbaby, we need to stock up on healthy treats that won’t bother her tummy.  Cheese is good for that. Eggs and milk are also very low there.


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