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Definition of “Gluttony”: when “free” isn’t good enough…

My Sunday morning routine is very pleasant to me. While the guys sleep in (we go to a late worship service), I sit down with a cup of coffee and check in at Money Saving Mom and then view the Walgreens weekly flier.  I seem to be getting spoiled however. There are many Free-After-Rebate or Free-After-RegisterRewards items this week, so I was looking forward to combining coupons and freebies to make a profit! 

I am pretty sure that is gluttony. Now, if it had worked out,  it would have been fun. I would have enjoyed it. But my failure to accomplish that little triumph of frugality revealed a nasty attitude in me.  I was annoyed and disappointed to find that while Colgate toothpaste is Free-After-RegisterRewards this week, my Colgate coupons had EXPIRED. In a bit of a snit, I removed the toothpaste from my list.  Yes, I removed FREE toothpaste (the 6 oz. good stuff) from my list because it was “only” free.  Realization of my bad attitude was quick in coming, and I did put it back on the list.  In addition, I was disgusted to realize that one of my $6 RegisterRewards had also expired. I know they have short expiration dates, but I don’t usually miss them. 

Keeping up with this is NOT a lot of work. It’s really pretty easy and painless to pull out the expired coupons every week when I add the new ones from Sunday’s paper.  I think the problem isn’t really a “problem”… it’s just that I don’t leave the house very often. Walgreens is quite convenient to me, and I usually have an envelope with a list and coupons in my purse. I’m just a slug.  Sloth is a sin, too.

So I will adjust my attitude, be grateful for the blessings (and even for the profits when they happen!) and discipline my heart to reject the gluttony.  I wonder if this is how the “entitlement mentality” is fostered…


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