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Shopping Day

I did a major grocery trip today. I still have some meat shopping to do, but otherwise we are stocked up for a while. I did super at Walgreens:

Groceries for March 21

5 boxes of cereal (Glucerna is good for avoiding the sugar-crash issues that often happen when you eat carbs for breakfast!) ,1 box of snack bars, Sambucol (homeopathic cold/flu meds), 2 bottles of Listerine mouth wash, 1 tube of Colgate Total toothpaste (with freebie travel sized tube), 2 Reach toothbrushes, 1 package of Trident gum, Dried apricots, Dried fruit and nut mix, 4 rolls toilet paper (it’s the kind we like).  The gum isn’t in the picture because I opened it already and put it in my purse. After I paid for it, of course.

Subtotal – $61.44

After coupons – $13.11

And then I got $13 back in Register Rewards!

So today’s Walgreen trip (all of the above) cost me 11 cents!!

After that, I went to Aldi. Our Aldi is GREAT. I did some checking today, and virtually every single item I bought was considerably cheaper than the comparable thing at Walmart. I did go to Walmart, too, though. Some things I had really good coupons for, so in that case it was cheaper to get them at Walmart. Aldi doesn’t take coupons. There are also a few things we have brand loyalty to – Dannon makes a natural plain yogurt, for example, that we like. We have tried others and don’t like them at all.  I like Celestial Seasonings tea to serve at Bible study. We like the Arnold all natural 100% whole wheat bread at Walmart, too, and that is remarkably inexpensive. And in some cases, I like the Great Value brand better than the Aldi alternatives (cottage cheese, sour cream, canned fruit in juice, popcorn…)

At Walmart, my subtotal was $131.94, and I paid $105.92 after coupons.

I am shopping very differently lately. Matthew is eating a rather odd diet – vegetables, fruits, several kinds of  nuts, plain wheat crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, meats, etc.  It’s not exactly a low-carb diet, but he avoids most things with “flour” in them.  He has given up diet soda (and regular soda, of course) and junk food. He has always avoided HFCS. It’s a little more expensive to shop for him now, but he is doing so well that I want to encourage him. He has lost over 50# so far!


1 thought on “Shopping Day”

  1. In the words of my wonderful daughter, “That is WICKED awesome”!

    I think that means good.

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