Friday Mail Call

In yesterday’s mail, I received three samples of Emergen-C.  Good timing! I have been a bit run down. The orange one was good. The Acai Berry one tasted and smelled AWFUL. I sure hope it was good for me. Blech.

In the mail today, I received a trial size (travel size) tube of Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. Handy to have.

Beautiful weather today! I have opened all the doors and windows. This winter, we closed up two bedrooms, the office, and the front foyer. They smelled stuffy, so it’s good to air them out.  It did save money on the energy bill, though. Well, it saved on the usage. Energy costs have gone up, so the actual bill wasn’t much lower than it was a year ago at this time, but it would have been much more expensive if we had heated those rooms. I am also airing out quilts.


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