Freebies!, Provision, Shopping


There have been a few fun samples in the mail lately, mostly shampoo, and a very nice sample pack of Huggies organic diapers. Those will be perfect for my new granddaughter, who will be arriving in late October.

Walgreens has changed their promotional system, and so far it doesn’t seem to be quite as profitable for me. I probably just need to get used to it — and be grateful for those freebies instead of whining about them. I was able to collect quite a bit of HBA for the food bank recently.

It’s been a tight time for ministries — remember them while you are shopping!  You may not need that free dandruff shampoo or denture adhesive, but there are people who do.  Feminine hygiene products are in short supply at the shelters, too.  This is an easy and affordable way for us to feed and clothe the Christ’s lambs when we don’t have money to donate.


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