Brand Loyalty

After writing that last post, I started thinking about “brand loyalty.” I refuse to have brand loyalty to something just because I started with that item – it has to prove itself to be really superior to other products, worthy of exclusive purchase. We don’t have many of those.

Brown sugar – C&H pure cane sugar. From Hawaii. Growing in the sun…  Virtually all other readily available brands of brown sugar are just white beet sugar with some molasses added for flavor and color. Ick.

QTips – my husband feels very strongly about this one. We have tried generic versions and the J&J nicer ones, but he wants QTips.

Kraft Miracle Whip – just one of those things. We have not liked any of the others nearly as well.

Sometimes, we avoid certain brands of things. Our newest tube of toothpaste is a definite loser. We won’t buy that one again. But it was free, so we will finish up the tube and move on to something else.

Otherwise, we are flexible.  With careful couponing, we get very nice things for less money than the generics (or even free!) Cereal is a good coupon item. If the only options are Fruity Pebbles and Golden Grahams, I usually skip it, but there are often good deals on more wholesome cereals.

We choose some items for reasons other than cost. I avoid high fructose corn syrup, so I buy Arnold’s  brand of 100% whole wheat bread at Walmart – $1.88 for the large loaf. I can get a similar sized loaf at Walmart or Aldi for less, but they both have HFCS, so I spend about 40 cents more for the better bread. I buy fruit canned in juice (instead of syrup) for my youngest son. I buy non-aluminum baking powder when I can find it. It costs a little more than the regular baking powder. We eat a mostly “whole foods” diet, so the majority of my coupon savings comes in household and personal items. Don’t be afraid to try new brands! If you hate it, you can console yourself with the knowledge that it was really cheap or free.


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