Oh Yeah. I Rock.



Kmart Double Coupons Trip!

Olay Ribbons body wash – big bottle – $6.49

2 bottles Visine – $7.89

Dove Ultimate AntiP/Deod – $3.99

Dove Ultimate – $3.99

Tylenol Arthritis Pain – $4.79

60 Ct. BandAids – $2.50

First Aid Tape – $2.79

First Aid Gauze pads – $2.29

Pert for Men –  $3.49

Snaps Licorice – $1.79


Merchandise – $40.01   (pretax)


But after coupons….



(and that includes sales tax!)

Did I mention that I used my Paypal debit card, where I get cash back? So technically I only spent 97.5 cents.  😀

And some of that can be reimbursed by my FSA. I know that is really our own money, but it’s pre-tax and taken out of DH’s paychecks before we ever see it, so it feels like double-dipping.


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