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College Bound

For a taxpayer-funded institution, the state university is sure expensive! I know private colleges are higher, but DH’s private college has many scholarships and discounts, so his education is actually cheaper than it will be for DS#3 to attend the public school.

Every time we turn around, there is another letter or email wanting us to mail them $100 by yesterday.  We found some lists of what Matthew will need for dorm life. One list is four pages long!  He won’t need all of the items, of course, and we have some of it here at home.  Something we hadn’t considered is a cell phone. There is cable television in every room, but there are no landline telephones!  We’ve never used cell phones, and we are not going to take on an unnecessary monthly bill, so we bought a prepaid tracfone. We got a very good deal on it! Matthew will have to buy his own refill minutes, but he has a phone to start with.

I have been worried about sheets. Dorm beds are XL twins, which are hard to find except in the back-to-school sales. They go on sale at Kmart tomorrow! In addition, I have been offered a brand new set by a friend who couldn’t use hers. Towels. A Bathrobe. My son has never worn a bathrobe in his life. Do guys really wear bathrobes in the dorms? Oh, and there are beds, but they really want you to rent loft kits so you can put a desk in your room.  Loft kits – $80

The list goes on and on. We should have had all of this taken care of months ago, but we didn’t. It’s amazing how many little and big expenses there are!


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